On August 4, 2001, the Lord spoke very clearly to Sam Fine that He wanted him and his family to move to Asheville, NC to plant a new church. This new church would be a place where worship is primary, the Word of God is central, relationships are built together in community, and where people young and old would serve together in ministry. We believe God is raising up a new breed of churches that are no longer satisfied with ‘church as usual.’ This new breed will have an unquenchable thirst for His presence and to see His glory released in and through the church to truly impact their communities and world.

The first six months in North Carolina Sam and his wife, Eliza dedicated their time to fasting and prayer to receive the vision and direction of the Lord. After that period, they began to have small group meetings at their home where they began to relationally connect with people of the area. The very first meeting began with 13 young college students from a local college. This became a very exciting time in Sam and Eliza’s life as they became an integral part in seeing God touch and transform their lives, one by one. Over time, the small group meeting grew and became too large to meet in a home, so they moved the gathering to a Holiday Inn just east of Asheville. The church met there for nearly nine months and then grew out of that space as well. The next shift moved the church into an old furniture building in Swannanoa, which is where the church is now established. Immediately following the move, the church was very blessed to have Crosswalk Church join and partner with them in their very first meeting. Crosswalk Church officially became a part of King of Glory Christian Church and this group of people continues to bring a tremendous amount of wisdom and experience to help steward the journey that God had begun.

In the current phase of our journey together, King of Glory is focused on advancing His Kingdom in a culture of love and healing. Our focus in worship, outreach, service and community all center around this mission. King of Glory is now known as a regional church, impacting hundreds in Western North Carolina and beyond with the power and presence of Jesus, and the message of His Kingdom!

King of Glory is a part of the Global Legacy Network. Global Legacy (GL) is an apostolic, relational network of revival leaders whose purpose is to bring Heaven to earth (Matt. 6:10). Following the New Testament model for apostleship, GL seeks to establish Kingdom government and to build empowering cultures.

Recognizing that relationship is the foundation of God’s government, GL helps build relationships between revival leaders by developing and sharing resources, through relational gatherings at conferences, ministry events and mission trips, as well as through the internet.

GL also offers resources that equip leaders, and those they lead, to transform their spheres of influence and surrounding culture into Kingdom cultures.

By utilizing our growing resources and relationships, Global Legacy is dedicated to helping fulfill the mission of Bethel Church, which is REVIVAL: The personal, regional, and global expansion of God’s kingdom through His manifest presence!

As GL works to carry out this mission, we recognize the importance of remaining an emerging wineskin. As Bill Johnson teaches, “it’s all about the wine (God’s presence),” and the wineskin must remain flexible in order to receive, carry, and pour out the wine in whatever way God chooses to come today and tomorrow.