Our Message, Model, Mission, Roots, and Facilities


A people of His presence...

Our Message

King of Glory is focused on loving God and loving others. Our focus in worship, outreach, service and community all center around this mission. King of Glory is a people of all generations united in love to proclaim "God's Kingdom Come." Our desire is to make your experience at King of Glory one where you really feel the love of God and His people!

Get Connected...

Our Model

The Christian life is not just a meeting to attend, but a life to be lived. To really experience the Body of Christ at King of Glory, we recommend that you get connected both relationally and by serving in ministry:

Joining a Life Group: Getting to know people in a new place can be difficult. While we try to reach out to new folks on Sunday mornings, it’s hard to develop meaningful relationships in that context. Instead, we encourage you to connect with some folks through what we call Life Groups. These groups are family friendly and meet regularly to eat, worship, pray for each other and live life together.

Attending Sunday Services: Part of our life together is weekly worship. We come together every Sunday morning at 10:00am for worship, teaching, fellowship and personal ministry. This is a great place to connect for the first time but it’s only the 'front door’ of our church!

Receiving Prayer Ministry: No matter where you’ve come from, we all have 'junk’. Some of our junk is little, some of it is life dominating and paralyzing. We encourage everyone to schedule a personal ministry appointment with the Freedom Ministry Team so we can walk with you through life’s most difficult situations. It may be that you feel that you’re just not hitting on all cylinders – that’s a great time to get prayer!

Serving in Ministry: Serving in an area of ministry is one of the most meaningful things we get to do at King of Glory. Getting out of ourselves and focusing on the needs of others while using our gifts is key to our development as a church and as individuals. There are lots of areas to serve in at King of Glory. You can find out more about serving in Ministries by clicking here.

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Loving God and Loving Others...

Our Mission

At King of Glory, we center our life around Five Pillars of Culture. These are signposts that the Lord has given us to keep us focused on our mission of Loving God and Loving Others.

Culture of Worship & Prayer: Our first ministry is to God, to love Him with all our heart. We know it’s only in His presence that we are changed and equipped to advance His Kingdom. Jesus also said, "My Father’s house will be a house of prayer." At King of Glory we believe that prayer should be our first response, not our last resort. Everything we do is birthed in prayer as we seek His face, both corporately and individually.

Culture of Evangelism & Equipping: As a church, we are committed to the Great Commission. We will make every effort to seek and save the lost. Also, as an equipping center, we are discipling a generation of people, both young and old, to fulfill their God-given destiny in the Kingdom.

Culture of Healing: As a church, we are committed to ministering the love of God to the hurting and broken. Jesus was moved with compassion to see people saved, healed and delivered (Sozo). He promised as we walk in faith and wholeness, we would do greater works than He did.

Culture of Community: We believe spiritual growth happens best through authentic relationships as individuals are knitted into the context of families & Life groups. Our desire is to see Malachi 4:6 mandate fulfilled in our church.

Culture of Transformation: As we walk out transformed lives by the presence and power of the Holy Spirit, we are then sent forth as His ambassadors to see our city, nation and the world transformed.

How our journey began...

Our Roots

On August 4, 2001, the Lord spoke very clearly to Sam Fine that He wanted him and his family to move to Asheville, NC, to plant a new church. This new church would be a place where worship is primary, the Word of God is central, relationships are built together in community, and where people young and old would serve together in ministry. The first six months in North Carolina Sam and Eliza dedicated their time to fasting and prayer to receive the vision and direction of the Lord, then they began to have small group meetings at their home where they built relational connections with people of the area. The very first meeting began with 13 students from a local college. Over time, the small group meeting grew and became too large to meet in a home, so they moved the gathering to a Holiday Inn just east of Asheville. The church met there for nearly nine months and then grew out of that space, as well. The next shift moved the church into an old furniture building in Swannanoa, where the church is now established. Immediately following the move, King of Glory was blessed to have Crosswalk Church join and partner with them in their first meeting in the new building, and this group of people continues to bring a tremendous amount of wisdom and experience to help steward the journey that God had begun. King of Glory is now known as a regional church, impacting hundreds in Western North Carolina and beyond with the power and presence of Jesus, and the message of His Kingdom!


Where we gather...

Our Facilities

King of Glory has transformed an old furniture building into a home for our vision of Loving God and Loving Others. Half of the building is our sanctuary, with modern A/V and seating for over 250 people. There is a private mother's room to care for infants with a window and speakers to continue staying connected to the service. The other half of the building houses a small Cafe, staff offices, ministry rooms and classrooms for the Heritage Children's Ministry.